First Steps Workshop

Multimodality Reading Strategies for the Early Grades
For Pre-K to 1st Grade Teachers

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Put best practices to work in your classroom. Learn how to prevent problems and remediate the reading challenges of beginning readers more effectively with the research-based methods of F.A.S.T. First Steps.

You’ll come away equipped to teach students more effectively using such multimodality techniques as “magic bridge,” magnetic boards & letters, sounds and pictures, colors, spell-and-read games, and auditory and visual mnemonics. You’ll also gain practical methods for helping young readers apply concepts and skills to actual reading using 10 colorful, decodable storybooks.

With this one-day training, you will maximize your instructional effectiveness so that you can:
Address common early reading problems using specific instructional techniques.
Actively engage beginning readers with multimodality activities.
Use the most effective, most fun classroom practices to teach phonemic awareness, segmenting, and blending.
Help students transfer newly acquired phonological skills to real reading.
Create a climate of classroom excellence.
Start all students off on an early path to reading success.

For more information on how to enroll or sponsor a
First Steps Workshop for your school, call or
e-mail Matt Cale @ F.A.S.T. Learning.

720-377-0346   ext. 212

Toll free: 800-325-FAST (3278)

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