F.A.S.T. Reading: Comprehension Workshop

Overcoming Stumbling Blocks to Reading for Understanding
For Grades 2–8 Teachers

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Many students have great difficulty understanding what they read, and this can be a special challenge for students who have nonverbal learning differences. To become fluent, students must not only decode words automatically; they must also learn how to construct meaning. In this training you will gain specific instructional techniques for remediating the skill deficits that lead to poor comprehension.

When students develop a repertoire of approaches to texts, their reading comprehension soars, they become more successful in school, and they begin to read independently for pleasure.

You will learn:
A highly effective three-level model for assessing—and solving—comprehension difficulties.
Proven strategies for teaching students to picture, paraphrase, and predict when they read, thereby boosting their understanding.
When to use comprehension-building activities that require students to use their metacognitive abilities.
How to teach the 4 skills that increase student comprehension levels: visualization, perspective taking, vocabulary & figurative language, and metacognitive reading.
Effective methods for teaching reading-for-meaning using nonfiction and content materials.
F.A.S.T. Reading: Comprehension Workshop
Comprehension 1-Day Training (6 hours)
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Required training materials: F.A.S.T. Reading Comprehension Teacher Materials

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