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  • A program that motivates students to read! Captivating books and multisensory phonetic activities accompany instruction at all levels.

  • A program with books that engage the students’ interest from the first day of instruction — The uniform response of all students is, “We love the books.”

  • A program that teaches the phonics regularities without flashcards — Instead, phonics is taught with a magnetic board.

  • A program that has five different starting points, depending on students’ abilities.

  • A kindergarten program that teaches the essential reading skills needed for first grade —Students learn segmenting, blending and manipulating sounds; utilizing all the consonants and short vowels, then apply these skills using the ten books from First Steps.

F.A.S.T. Learning, LLC
Helping Teachers Make Every Child a Reader
At F.A.S.T. Learning, we believe that correct instruction develops successful fluent readers—FAST! Our program is excellent first teaching for all primary-aged students. We are especially passionate about helping struggling, at-risk students overcome their learning challenges. We are dedicated to providing educators with effective classroom-tested programs and materials, all of which are based on years of rigorous research and testing.

The F.A.S.T. Reading System
Flexible, Fast-Paced, and Grounded in Best Practices
The F.A.S.T. Reading System features a flexible, fast-paced, fun approach that’s highly effective with beginning readers as well as with older, struggling readers. Grounded in best practices and aligned to the National Reading Panel Guidelines, the F.A.S.T. Reading System:

Uses a hands-on, systematic, multi-sensory approach.
Features deductible age-appropriate books.
Raises the reading levels of students in the lowest percentiles.
Meets the criteria for Reading First Program Grants.
Is loved by both teachers and students.

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