If you want to see the word “passionate” being lived out, just watch Steve Tattum working with children in need. When children are first introduced to Steve, there is an automatic draw to him. They get to work immediately and Steve makes the child begin... (read more)

I am totally amazed with the F.A.S.T. Learning reading program.  I have a grandson that is a 5th grader.  He is dyslexic and never mastered the reading program in... (read more)

My son Joey is in first grade, and with only a couple months left of school this year, he couldn’t read at all. He knew most of his letter names, but only some of the consonant sounds and none of the vowel sounds. His teacher was great about trying to build his self esteem while helping him learn and was having him review letter names/sounds with the Kindergarteners. In December, Joey came home upset saying,... (read more)

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