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What is the E.D.G.E.
Expert Directed Guided Education


  • To empower the small business owner to more effectively run their business by providing access to training, tools, strategies and learning from the masters formerly only available to large companies.

  • To leverage the use of the site by training business owners to deploy specific content and more strategically train their teams.

  • To show business owners that now is the best time to build and grow their business. The businesses that will succeed in this challenging economy are those who have a strategy, are elevating their skills through knowledge and training and have a support system to sustain excellent performance.

  • To establish ILG as the go-to source for knowledge, education, insight and inspiration regarding entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses.

The E.D.G.E.

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iLearningGlobal Brings Unique Opportunity To The Masses

When I first heard about iLearningGlobal I was fascinated with their approach to bringing quality training to its members over the internet. While much information is already available to those seeking self improvement and personal development training, iLearningGlobal delivers its own streaming videos on various self empowering techniques to anyone who joins its network.

Signing up to iLearningGlobal is easy, just click on your preferred membership for instant access. iLearningGlobal provides top rated speakers and trainers from around the world to speak on topics related to personal development, self improvement, financial strategies, business training and more. They offer hundreds of videos to help professionals as well as anyone else interested in personal development. iLearningGlobal members benefit from the leading experts in their field to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own home.

iLearningGlobal is also popular with businesses of all sizes because of the nature of the training. Many businesses have already signed up for iLearningGlobal for use with employee training and ongoing motivation. This cost effective training method is a no brainer for almost any type of business due to its low cost, flexibility and ease of use.

What makes iLearningGlobal an important player in the financial aspect of bringing self improvement training videos to individuals and business is the potential earning opportunity that is available. Anyone can signup to become an iLearningGlobal Marketer, once you are a signed member, you will have access to hundreds of top quality training videos for your usage, plus the opportunity to share the iLearningGlobal Program with others. Affiliates promoting iLearningGlobal will earn revenue on everyone they refer to the program who signs up as a member. Upon registering for iLearningGlobal, you will receive your own personalized webpage for others to signup so you earn commission. iLearningGlobal can benefit many of the people you may know, so introducing them to this inspiring collection of life changing streaming video content, downloadable books and audio lessons can also be profitable for you.

Since the iLearningGlobal Independent Marketer Program is so new, there are not many people aware of the program yet. This makes joining now instead of later much more attractive, there’s nothing better than promoting something that nobody else has. The iLearningGlobal Independent Marketer Program will produce hundreds if not thousands of millionaires in 2009, although the people who get in sooner have a much better chance of becoming one.

Would you like to have access to this collection of professional development training material? Do you want to be taught by the best in the business for a fraction of what other people are paying for this type of information? Do you want to have a lucrative side business that practically runs itself? Signup to iLearningGlobal and let the rest be history.

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